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Conflict Assessment

Prevent conflict and discover the underlying causes of conflict in your life by understanding your interpersonal needs, values, and behavior in conflict

What you will learn about yourself, team, or pair with a conflict comprehensive assessment

Team Lunch

Great for teams, couples, and individuals

Learn about how conflict may arise in your life.  For couples and teams, discover where conflict may show up in your relationships and your ability to interact as a team.  

Added Benefits

The conflict assessments used are also used more more than conflict and provide these additional benefits

Procrastination causes

Discover potential underlying causes of why you are not getting some projects done

Leadership Personality

Learn how you relate to or react to others at your best and worst through the Hogan Assessment.

Leadership Report and Business Profile 

For those learning about their interpersonal needs, an additional report (FIRO Business Profile and Leadership Report) to see insights how their interpersonal needs may affect leadership performance. 

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