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There is a different way to approach deep-rooted, social identity challenges, a way in which caring about others and stakeholder input matter. 

Examples Social Identities: disability, religion/faith, gender, race, socioeconomic status, etc.


The world's greatest social challenges don't just stop outside the doors of the workplace or affect only one or two people.


Big Little Insights takes a holistic, enterprise approach to addressing social identity issues. The BLI process can help clients close their organization's pay gaps, improve disability access, overcome systemic racial disparities, address ethnoreligious conflicts, and more! Click here to examples of the typical types of goals clients have. 

Big Little Insights partners with you to develop together a custom path forward. A BLI service provider facilitates communication, thought, awareness/insights, and coordination.  BLI helps you synchronize all parts of your ultimate goal and relevant stakeholders. With you, we meet with all relevant stakeholders on an ongoing basis until you reach your goal. By moving through our methodology, clients realize long-term behavioral changes, see conflicts resolve, and transform social systems.

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves to realize your goals? Big Little Insights takes an experiential and interactive approach to its services. 

Why we're different

Unique Methodology & Approach

5 arms holding up different tools

Receive more than your typical one-track service provider. Sometimes you need more than one tool in the tool belt applied in a new way.

Comprehensive Support

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Instead of incomplete, fragmented support, Big Little Insights works with clients from start to finish (goals to implementation) and in an integrated manner.


Tailoring Equipments

Receive customized services to address the needs you are facing, not canned solutions.

Durability & Tangible Results

Stop watch

See a lasting effect in everyday operations long after the end of services. Incorporate solutions into daily operations.

Peace of Mind & Peace with Others

Woman with afro, glasses, and a purple shirt snapping hearts

Big Little Insights works with you so that elephants in the room become more approachable. Improve relationships with customers and give them a reason to do business with you.

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

Needle & Thread

Address the root of your issues thoroughly so that you do not need to come back for more.  

Sustainable Solutions

Black man sitting cross-legged juggling various office items: laptop, spreadsheet, email, etc.

Rather than receiving canned solutions from others, clients generate their own solutions and design their own tangible action steps.


Many women in pink holding hands raised together in a line

Siloing no more. Synchronize stakeholders and all parts of your ultimate goal.

Trackable Progress

Laptop with charts and graphs

See how you contribute to your progress and your unique contribution to your progress toward achieving your goal.

Sample Potential Benefits to Clients of BLI Services

  • clients think deeply 

  • clients gain awareness of blind spots

  • stakeholders begin to understand each other and work together

  • clients figure out how to incorporate solutions that affect daily operations

  • a third-party to facilitate discussions

  • clients listen better to themselves and others 

Sample Potential Outcomes from Completing the BLI Signature Process

  • inclusive leadership

  • inclusive products and services

  • improved accountability

  • improve systems and governance

  • mitigating systemic risk

  • talent retention

  • improved morale

  • increased profitability

  • improved organizational effectiveness

  • decreased burnout 

  • decreased legal liability 

Benefis & Potential Outcomes
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