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Big Little Insight's expertise and methodology can be applied in a variety of different situations. 

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging (DEIB)

3 people sitting together as a team at a table

Synchronized team effort

Is everyone on the same page for DEIB? How do we improve organizational effectiveness and morale? 

3 stacks of coins of different heights to represent pay differentials

Eliminating pay gaps

Want to figure out how to eliminate pay gaps across your whole organization and all of its stakeholders? 

line drawing of an expert pointing to a projector screen

Subject matter experts can't do it all

You are a DEIB manager, HR, or lawyer who is overwhelmed.

  1. You need someone to bring together cross-functional teams.

  2. You can't do it all alone.

5 people chess pieces of different colors that represents employees and staff members

DEIB 2.0

Has your organization taken the training and hired the DEIB staff, but you are not seeing the results that you want? 

network vector to represent systemic/institutional discrimination, systemic solutions, or interconnectedness of stakeholders

Systemic reform

System-wide review to ensure that all policies, practices, processes, and structures support organizational DEIB efforts. 

stock line bar graph pointing up

CSR/ESG and social governance

Want to improve your company's corporate social and governance ratings and its approach to handling these issues?

desktop line image, an example of a product or service

Inclusive products & services

Do all of your products and services qualify as inclusive in today's world?

person in wheelchair with a city backdrop

Disability access

Want to improve and address disability access across your organization for all stakeholders (employees and customers alike)?

circle with x in the middle to represent intersectionality


Want to see how your policies and practices affect multiple minorities (e.g., women of color, pregnant women, racial minorities with disabilities, etc.)?  

Cross-Cultural Conflct

Cross-Cultural Conflict

vector of buildings whole organization, business, corporation, or company

Widespread organizational conflict

You need a mediator to resolve

  • a cross-cultural conflict (e.g., amongst individuals of different races or religions),

  • amongst multiple stakeholders,

  • affecting many parts of an organization, and

  • is a long-standing or long-term conflict 

angry or upset face emoji of someone expressing displeasure or conflict

Religious divisions

  • Are you a member or leader of a faith group or organization who wants to resolve differences or improve your relationship with another faith group or organization?

  • Have you been losing your morale authority, losing followers, or feel like your organizations/factions would be stronger together?

line drawing of globe on stand

Geopolitical conflicts

  • What do you do when an external, geopolitical conflict spills over into your organization?

  • These longstanding conflicts have spilled over into the company and impacted teamwork or morale.

person (coach) standing in front of audience of 3 other coaches

Coaching for conflict resolution practitioners

  • Are you an peacebuilding or ADR practitioner who needs a coach to plan how you want to run a mediation or plan a dispute resolution process?

  • Do you want integrate inclusivity in your dispute resolution processes?

  • Do you want to address your own biases as a third-party neutral?

abstract stack of documents to represent terms and conditions (legal requirements) of federal funding

Federal Civil Rights & EEO Compliance

What's happening: Federal contractors and recipients of federal funds (e.g., disaster funding, COVID funding, PPP loans, etc.) are often required to comply with federal civil rights and nondiscrimination laws (e.g., pay equity, disability hiring, nondiscrimination) as a condition of receiving federal money or contracts. If not, they can be suspended or debarred, and their relationship with government as a contractor or recipient of federal funds can be cut off in the future. The Biden administration has vowed to eliminate systemic discrimination and has made moves to do so.

Who you are: federal contractor and recipient of federal funds who wants to be proactive in eliminating systemic discrimination in your organization.

Your Goal

(A) Don't get suspended or debarred (i.e., keep a business relationship with the government in the future)

(B) Review and update your current organization's practices, policies, and structure; and 

(C) Figure out what to do for everyday operations.

Note: Big Little Insights does not give legal advice.


Achieving Grand Social Visions

Achieving Grand Social Visions
light bulb representing innovation

Social entrepreneurship & leadership

  • Your company has an active social justice stance to eliminate inequality 

  • You feel overwhelmed or outnumbered when your competitors don’t care about inequality.

  • You want to make a difference but want to be sustainable and make a profit with limited resources.

  • You want to figure out how to incorporate social values into the whole company (internal and external stakeholders).

Person with 4 arrows pointing out on screen to show the individual's social impact

Leveling up impact

  • Your company has been a leader in social good and governance

  • Now you want to take it to the next level and have a social justice lens throughout your entire organization (internal and external stakeholders).

  • You are not sure where to start or focus, need help to action, and actualize our vision.

3 line images of people sitting together as a team trying to take a collective action

Social justice teamwork & collective action

  • Various groups want to come together to figure out a collective strategy to combat a specific civil rights or other social justice matter and want to coordinate their resources and strategy.

  • They want someone to help them think through how they should allocate their resources, strategy, and jointly work together to divide and conquer or company together.

  • They may need help putting aside or dealing with long-standing tensions or conflicts.

Aligning Mission with Actions

Aligning Mission w/ Actions

Seismic Social Shifts

flame representing a fire or wildfire, a type of disaster or emergency

Disasters & emergencies 

Are you part of an organization that is trying to figure out how to make decisions related to emergencies and disasters that could affect vulnerable populations?

Planner and calendar blue line drawings

Planning for vulnerable populations

A company saw what happened to peers that failed to plan for vulnerable populations in their decisions. It wants to review how it currently deals with vulnerable populations, where it can incorporate that consideration into their corporate processes, and how it can implement this new approach.

virus representing COVID

COVID aftermath

Has COVID thrown your company for a loop? Are you looking for a way to manage this constantly changing situation with overwhelming number of competing stakeholders and unknown factors?

female protestor with protest sign and pink hair

How to deal with social movements

Social movements, such as BLM and Me Too happened. Now what? As an organization, you want to figure out what you want, can, or need to change in light of those movements.

Seismis Social Shifts

Growing Companies 

comet falling down

Growth spurt bust

Is your company feeling the negative impacts of growing too fast (e.g., many discrimination complaints)?

mountain obstacle course with goal flag at the top

Growing pains

  • Are you a leader of a company that is socially minded and wants to be competitive with larger companies? 

  • Most hires up until now have been friends or family.

  • You’ve been told your company needs a Diversity & Inclusion employee but are not sure why.

arrow in bullseye representing alignment or the social science concept of validity

Values alignment

  • Does your company need help discovering its identity/values or living out our corporate values?

  • Are you doing what your advertise in recruiting or state in our corporate values?

line drawing of 3 people representing 3 co-founders

Founders conflicts

  • Disagreements about how the company should move forward

  • Pending decisions about the company's identity

  • Co-founders with conflicting values

  • Are the conflicts getting so bad that it is affecting the company and its future?

Growing Companies

Coaching for Individuals

Coaching for Individuals
yellow image of hand holding a heart representing the Golden rule or Platinum rule

Practicing what your preach and the Golden Rule 

Are you someone who believes in the Golden Rule or Platinum Rule but wants to integrate that into your life? Do you want to practice what you preach? 

intersecting circles, one filled and one a ring

Inclusive leadership

Are you someone who wants to become an inclusive leader or cultivate inclusive leadership in your organization?

three women singing with different hair styles, color dresses, and skin tones coming together in unison