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C. Cardose, Performance Coach

I highly recommend Jennifer as a coach.  She is just the person
when you're looking for someone to help you achieve goals in a
systematic and structured way.  She went really deep and helped me dig
to the essence and core of what I was dealing with, so I could
discover why, how, and what to do better.  She has a practical
coaching style that goes below the surface and also resolves energy in
flow.  She doesn't try to help solve problems vaguely, so you aren't
left hanging still unsure about how to overcome obstacles.  By the
end, I had specifics about what was happening, why it was happening,
and what to do. 

Lourdes F., Healthcare Manager

Jenn has the insight to encourage you as an individual to confront conflicts that are presenting as barriers in your thought processes, and she has the expertise and tools to guide you in resolving them. Her techniques in her coaching sessions are productive and have allowed me to grow in both my personal and professional life.


Jenn had the insight to encourage me in recognizing and confronting conflicts that had become barriers in my thought processes and was ultimately affecting me from taking any meaningful, progressive action. I no longer ignore or passively avoid conflicts but now feel empowered to question my perspective and mindset to overcome the presented obstacles using tools Jenn has taught. Her expertise is demonstrated in the techniques and tools she utilizes to individualize her coaching sessions which are effective in resolving conflicts and have allowed me to grow in both my personal and professional life.  

Spela T., Management & Leadership Development Professor

Jennifer’s ability to listen deeply and figure out the root of the problem is unbelievable! She would repeat back to me what she heard me say but paraphrase it in a way that crystallized the question I was struggling to formulate. She then used a wide range of tools flexibly and effectively to help me find answers to that question. She is a truly powerful coach and I highly recommend her!

* Received services pro bono

Jean I., Senior Principal Product Manager, IT/Enterprise Software Industry

Jennifer is a wonderful coach. She coached me on dealing with challenges to my work and life productivity from a severe physical injury. She asked just the right questions, and her exercises and reflections sparked greater self-knowledge, so that we got at the heart of my frustrations –  in a very short time. Her helpful insights, suggestions, and resources are enabling me to move forward with greater self-awareness and positivity.

With her wealth of expertise in diversity and inclusion issues, Jennifer's coaching would bring value to organizations dealing with these challenges.

*Received services pro bono 


“Jennifer helped me to explore diversity, inclusion and belonging perspectives so that I could show up as a more inclusive and thoughtful leader and human. She helped to create a comfortable space where I could explore what I was thinking and feeling to get to the heart of a matter.”

* Received services pro bono
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