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people matter

Achieve more together.


We empower you to 

  • Attain tangible results

  • Design and implement sustainable solutions

  • Resolve conflict

  • Navigate difficult decisions, topics, and situations

  • Create positive work environments


  • Remove barriers for employees, customers, and others stakeholders

  • Decide where you stand and what to do about it

  • Engage in dialogue

  • Listen to yourself and others

For more information about the benefits and potential outcomes to you, please visit the Approach page.


Big Little Insights facilitates dialogue, encourages deep thinking, helps uncover blind spots, and spurs movement toward action by providing coaching, mediation, facilitation, and other services.

  • For more information about our services, visit our Services page. 

  • For more information about the Big Little Insights approach to our services and why you should choose Big Little Insights, please visit the Approach page


We address issues related to disability, race, religion/faith, gender/sex, values, and other issues related to social identity.

Diverse people looking at globe with locations pins set worldwide

Resolving Cross-Cultural Conflict

Would you like assistance in resolving a cross-cultural conflict?  Do you know how to address a global conflict that has seeped into your company's operations?  

Leader in contamination suite and a gas mask or respirator around toxic waste

Leading through Adversity

Does your company wait until its issues become explosive or the environment toxic before dealing with them?  Are you afraid to deal with sensitive social issues, such as those related to discrimination, politics, or other potentially controversial issues?  Are your leaders and stakeholders prepared and equipped to navigate difficult and scary people issues?

7 people of different skin tones with hands overlapping each other in unison

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Implementation

Have you hired the staff and done the yearly sexual harassment training, but you still are not reaching your DEI goals?  Do you need help figuring out how to integrate DEI into the DNA of your organization?

Coffee cup that states "What do you want" in the coffee

Decide What you Stand for

In an increasingly polarized  world, your company may have a hard time deciding what to do and what stance to take on complex sociopolitical issues.  Decide or figure out a path that aligns your company's values and goals.

Lady with a firefighter's hat putting out work fires on a laptop with a hose ("urgent", "deadline", "ASAP", "important")

DEI Corporate Governance

Is your company repeatedly reacting to the same problems related to discrimination or conflict?  Does your organization have a system that deals with the root cause of issues so you are not reinventing the wheel each time?  If you have a system, is it a patchwork system that never worked very well from the start?  Does your company have a systematic way to address equal pay and accessibility issues?

Robot that knows AI on a computer with a gear icon

AI Bias

Does your company build artificial intelligence (AI) products? Are you aware of how bias is or can be incorporated in your products? Do you need help figuring out how to eliminate bias in your AI algorithms and products?

Interested in learning more about how the Big Little Insights methodology can be applied to situations?

By partnering with Big Little Insights, organizations can transform their relationships internally and to others outside the organization, and elephants in the room become more approachable.


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