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Which professional do you need to resolve your conflict?

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

Different types of conflicts, parties, and situations require different types of professionals to resolve a conflict. Learn about 5 different types of professionals (mediator, conflict coach, arbitrator, judge, and attorney) you might encounter or hire to resolve a conflict.

Describes what conflict coaches, mediators, attorneys, judges, and arbitrators do to resolve someone's conflict. Mediator: Facilitates conversation between the parties in conflict so the parties decide how they want to settle the case for win-win solutions. Conflict coach: Empowers the client to figure out how to approach a difficult conversation, especially when one party to a conflict refuses to participate in mediation. Judge: Decides who wins and loses, typically on public record. Decisions are based on the law and typically, sets precedent for future cases. Arbitrator: Decides who wins and loses this particular case. The arbitration process is less formal (has fewer rules) than cases in front of a judge. Attorney: Takes the side of one of the parties to advocate or negotiate on that party's behalf and gives legal advice to the client.
Which professional do you need to resolve your conflict?

When deciding which professional you might need to help you resolve your next conflict, consider these things:

  1. Do you want a neutral or someone to advocate on your behalf?

  2. Do you want someone else to decide what the outcome of the conflict is?

  3. Does the other side want to talk about the conflict?

  4. How much time and money are you willing or able to spend to resolve your conflict?

  5. Has someone or does someone want to file a court case?


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